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The history of Château Trigant dates back to the eighteenth century. Its original owner was a lawyer to the Parliament of Bordeaux who undertook the building of the Chartreuse that carries his name.
The Château is located to the south of Bordeaux in the appellation of Pessac-Léognan, one of the oldest terroirs of Bordeaux.

Since 1860, the château is owned by the Sèze family who undertook the restauration and replanting of vines in 3.65 hectares twenty five years ago. This entailed the replanting of 6600 vines per hectare and the complete modernisation of the cellars and winery.

Château Trigant produces wines, which are characterised by finesse and elegance due to the diversity of its clay limestone, gravel and sand soils. This along with its unique micro-climate the development of varied and complex aromas.

Château Trigant wine has received recognition for its exceptional quality at national and international competitions.

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Le vignoble :
Superficie en Rouge : 3,65 ha

Encépagement :
Rouge : 50% de Cabernet Sauvignon ; 50% de Merlot

Production moyenne :
Rouge : 20 000 bouteilles par an


Visite du Château :
Visite sur rendez-vous du lundi au vendredi

Langues Parlées :
Français, Anglais

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Château Trigant
GFA Château Trigant 149 avenue des Pyrénées
33140 Villenave d’Ornon
TEL : +33(0) 6 82 44 34 73 / +33(0) 6 64 34 25 52
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